Exporting VMs from VMware Fusion on macOS Big Sur\Monterey

If you wanted to export a virtual machine from VMware Fusion 12 to move the virtual machine to another machine\host, you’d think that you could just right click the VM and select export or use one of the menus to export it right?

Unfortunately there is no obvious way to do this in VMware Fusion 12. In order to export a VM from Fusion you need to do it via some commands in Terminal.

1. Open Terminal

2. Type in the following command (as one line):

/Applications/VMware\ Fusion.app/Contents/Library/VMware\ OVF\ Tool/ovftool --acceptAllEulas 
~/Path/To/VM/VM Name.vmwarevm/VM Name.vmx ~/Destination/Path


Note: If your path has a space then it will need to have \ and space after it. i.e. if the name was “Graeme VM” you would display it as “Graeme\ VM”. You can find out more about finding the path at the end of this post.


~/Path/To/VM/VM Name.vmwarevm/VM Name.vmx – This is the location of your VM’s VMX file i.e. ~/Users/graeme/Virtual Machines.localized/VM1.vmwarevm/VM1.vmx

~/Destination/Path – This is the destination location for your OVF file I.e. ~/Documents/OVF


3. Hit enter to start the export


Tip: If you right click\double finger tap either the vmwarevm file or the VMware Fusion App file you can use the Show Package Contents to display the file(s) contained within. This will help you find the path to files required for the above commands:




Package contents of a VM


Package contents for the Fusion app showing the path to the OVF Tool